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Maria Antonia Torres (Born 1954) is an artist who’s known for her paintings of seas that display ships, storms, seagulls, and calm. As an Ibiza native, she strives to always capture the most authentic of her surroundings. Maria was born in Ibiza where she started her artistic life in the fashion and design industry, creating wide contact within the art fraternity, propelling her to her first exhibition in 1988. That marked a significant moment in her life, and she participated in several other exhibitions thereafter, both collective and individual.

Through the years, Maria’s artistic works have evolved and seen her define a more signature style that’s characterized with interesting use of texture, forms, and compositions. Her artistic approach results in art that immerses the viewer into a sea environment that shows coherence and a combination of blues and greys as her symphony of colors. It’s such a combination of detail and color that makes her artistic works revealing, capturing a number of details that would normally go unnoticed.

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