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Some of Nigel Evans’ images shimmer with morning mists and others glitter with evening sunlight. Some were taken at dawn from the top of the nearby hills, and others at dusk down by the timeless river Dart. All have made use of the special quality of light found in Dartmouth and along the nearby coast.

Some of the most eye-catching and evocative images of Dartmouth, Kingswear, Dittisham and the South Hams coastline ever taken can be found in Nigel’s portfolio. Nigel was first interested in photography at school and has been taking pictures ever since especially of his beloved South West Coast. He captures the flavour and atmosphere of the coast by using the interaction of light and water and finds the dawn and dusk most inspiring, when the air of peace and stillness is at its most intoxicating.

Nigel Evans was born and brought up in Nottingham, about as far inland as it is possible to get in England, but his love of the sea and coast developed during early childhood holidays and sailing trips with his family off the South Devon coast. Nigel’s father Fred, who had served as a naval officer during World War II, never missed an opportunity to go sailing and his passion for all things nautical had a profound effect on Nigel as a boy. Nigel has always had a keen interest in photography after being given a ‘Brownie’ box camera as a small child. His interest blossomed when he discovered the school darkroom where he slowly mastered the dark arts of the photographic professional.

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