Simon Ashby SWAc : Original work

Artist photo forSimon Ashby SWAc

Simon began painting in 2002 and was drawn to painting outside on location, a genre known as plein air. His preferred medium has tended to be acrylics; though lately he has returned to the use of oils and watercolours.

Working within a two-hour time frame, he tries to capture a scene that changes constantly with the weather. The moving light and shadow is a real challenge but worth it – as the final result offers a really loose and interesting picture.

His base in Devon provides a great deal of inspiration, but Simon also loves to travel, and finds France in particular provides a great range of scenery that pushes him to keep developing his painting technique and scope.

In 2018 he was delighted to be elected an Academician of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts.

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