Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan : Original work

Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan

Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan is originally from London, but now lives in rural North Devon with her husband and two big dogs.

Whilst always based in the UK, over the last ten years Kelly has developed a hugely successful international career as an artist working under a studio name, specifically in the United States. She has shown many times in the US and for three years had her own showroom in Las Vegas. She has many avid collectors, and her prints are currently stocked in hundreds of boutiques and galleries across every US state.

Beyond her canvas, Kelly has ventured into the world of homewares, producing a remarkable and distinctive range. Her homewares are distributed in hundreds of boutiques worldwide and have earned recognition from renowned interior designers, cementing her reputation in this creative realm.

Now, Kelly has redirected her focus towards her home country, the United Kingdom.

Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, and her art is a vivid reflection of her rural, surroundings in North Devon. The bold and vibrant modern paintings she creates are a testament to her love for the countryside and its influence on her work.

Mainly animal focused, her paintings are a vibrant celebration of quirkiness and colour – the animals characters ooze through the canvas to show us who they are. Drawn towards creating larger pieces, Kelly paintings are a seductive tapestry that pays homage to mystery magic, and love, drawing inspiration from the wild places around her rural home.

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