Jeanette Smith : Original work

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Born and raised in the fishing port of Brixham, South Devon, Jeanette has painted all her life, becoming a well renowned traditional landscape artist.

Growing up by the sea, watching the ships sailing in an out of the harbour, inspired Jeanette to draw and she would spend hours trying to capture the movement of their sails. From an early age, she knew that art would be an extremely important part of her life, but it has only been in the last few years that she has enjoyed the luxury of being able to devote many hours every day to just painting. For Jeanette, becoming the accomplished artist she is now has been a long learning curve. Largely self-taught, she has never set a time limit for her work. It takes as long as it takes until it’s perfect. But she loves how time just melts away when she is working on a new painting.

All her paintings are inspired by the beautiful countryside of Devon & Cornwall and characterised by her meticulous attention to detail. The subjects of many of these works are taken from Devon views at locations chosen for their great appeal in terms of colour and natural beauty.

Jeanette also finds much of her inspiration while out walking and a lot of her time is spent collecting photos for her vast reference library. She studies everything in detail, from the way the sunlight picks up an array of colours to seaweed draped over a rock, or shining through a curling wave. All are essential ingredients in portraying her keen sense of being there, revealed in the final picture.

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