Jean May Parsons : Original work

Artist photo forJean May Parsons

Jean was a very successful South Hams based artist whose work can be found in collections all over the country and abroad. Sadly, she passed away in November 2017 after struggling with a long illness. She had been a feature at the White Sails Gallery for many years, but with only a few pieces remaining after her passing, her work has become highly sought after. Being local to her family, we have been fortunate enough to receive some of her remining personal collection which are now available for sale at the gallery.

Jean was totally self-taught, working mainly in acrylic or watercolour and over the years evolved towards mixed media reflecting primarily her love of colour.

Early inspiration came from a trip to Venice, where she was overwhelmed by the beauty of the architecture reflected in the water. Since those early days, her subject matter has broadened considerably, although the influence of Venice, with its richness, decorative designs and strong lines, is still apparent in all her work today.

However, the most inspiring subject for her was around her home, on the South West Coast, with its tiny ports and hidden villages. With so many beautiful places to paint and the ever-changing colour palette throughout the seasons, she produced her best work reflecting these local scenes.

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