David Chambers : Original work

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David was born in Derby in 1946 and studied art at a further education college but was denied advanced art studies due to his dyslexia. After a “miserable time in the building trade”, David joined the navy.

He is very much a man of the sea having served in both the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. During tours he would often entertain the troops by sketching comical figures and cartoons and this is where his love for art developed. He was inspired by the far-flung places that his nomadic naval career took him to, in particular the stunning skies of the Far East. Although suppressed, his interest in painting was ever present and developed throughout his long tours in Scandinavia, the Far East and the Americas.

On leaving the services, David worked in the antiques and art world creating his own business in the UK and USA, working on his paintings whenever he could. Now, with crucial support and encouragement from his family, he has emerged as the professional artist he always wanted to be and enjoys considerable commercial success and critical acclaim.

David’s love and knowledge of the sea is readily apparent in his work; there is a strong sense of its power and dynamic nature in his paintings as they hark back to a wonderful golden era of sail. Yet they remain contemporary and relevant. Many of his paintings have a strong narrative sense and one can not help but be drawn in to the paintings: on to the deck of a boat; struggling to take down sail or driving the horses up the beach in a storm. Part of the enjoyment of his paintings is that they truly grip the senses and transport us to another time and place.

David’s work is widely collected and can be found in both private and corporate collections throughout the World over. He now lives near Exeter.

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