Anthony Dobson : Limited Editions

Artist photo forAnthony Dobson

Born in 1971, Anthony’s interest in art meant evenings were spent painting and drawing rather than doing homework – a rebellion which paid off when he sold his first painting in 1989. He turned down a place at university to study graphic design, to work on the commissions that followed.

He attributes his creativity to be mainly down to his own unique observation of the world around him, rather than from imagination, and explains that he has always viewed everything he sees in terms of constituent parts – shapes, colour and light – and instinctively contemplates how he can recreate what he is seeing as a painting.

Anthony’s critical eye and drive to recreate what he observes has made him perfectly poised to work in multiple areas of the art world. Indeed, in 2000, after successfully selling his own commissions for a number of years he acquired established art gallery and framers, Black Horse Arts, in the cathedral city of Salisbury.

Here he took on the role of business owner, gallery director, framer and publisher. Working commercially with artists and building up portfolios for clients, cannot have failed to add to his keen eye for colour, line and form.

No detail is missed in his latest collection of wildlife themed artwork – every errant wisp of fur and ruffled feather reveals his deft observational skills and his quest to reproduce what he has witnessed. This results in wonderfully authentic portrayals of birds and animals that perfectly capture their essence and unique characteristics. Working primarily in oils, Anthony’s signature meticulous, yet not overworked style displays the incredible eye for detail, colour and composition for which he well known.

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