Kurt Meyer-Eberhardt : Engravings

Kurt Meyer-Eberhardt

Kurt Meyer-Eberhardt is one of the most famous copperplate engravers and revered animal portrait artists of the 20th century.He was born in 1895 in Leipzig, Germany and died in Munich in 1977. After having studied at the Weimar Academy of Arts, he moved to Munich in 1918.

In 1926 he held his last exhibition in the “New Secession.” He was a staunch individualist who rejected the offer of a professorship in Weimar because he valued his independence too much. The only thing he wanted was to continue depicting his beloved dogs, cats and other animals.

All etchings are still printed on 350gsm hand made acid-free paper, printed by hand from the original copper plates by the Hanfstaeng Publishing Company in Munich.The printer applies the different coloured inks to the plate, following the original patterns and directions as given by the artist himself.

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