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15th to 30th October 2016
“Accidental Magic” – Mike Bernard RI

For this month’s Galleries Festival White Sails Gallery is delighted to announce the first ever exhibition in Dartmouth of work by influential Royal Institute painter Mike Bernard, whose vibrant, mixed-media work has inspired a generation of South West artists.

Mike’s long association with Dartmouth began many years ago during his academic studies. “I first started drawing and painting in the Dart Valley while I was still an art student at the Royal Academy Schools 35 years ago” he recalls. However, despite his work being synonymous with the town, it is remarkable to think that he is only now exhibiting in Dartmouth for the very first time.

Born in Kent in 1957 Mike trained at the West Surrey College of Art & Design in Farnham, before completing his postgraduate studies at the RA. Initially painting in oils, it was several years after graduation that he decided to radically change his style. “I had become dissatisfied with my traditional approach, so started to experiment with collage and acrylics” he explains. “The new technique was completely liberating. My paintings became looser, more colourful, textural and sometimes almost abstract.”

As a base to his paintings, the use of paper collage allowed him to create structures that in turn developed into those “happy accidents” which began to shape each composition. The results were a revelation. Based on this innovative new style Mike was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour in 1997 and his approach has continued to evolve to become the distinct, vibrant and much emulated work that he is so well known for today. From the fishing fleet at Coverack in Cornwall to the bustle of Dartmouth’s very own Bayards Cove, Mike’s work has been much copied but rarely matched. White Sails Gallery is therefore extremely honoured that he has chosen to exhibit with them this October and we very much hope that you will find the time, to join us for this prestigious event.

Preview Evening – Friday 14th October – 6 to 9pm – All Welcome

9 June 2016
A Moments Pause – the latest original oil from Annie Drew

It’s been a year of intense activity for Annie Drew and this month sees the release of her latest original – A Moments Pause. Such is the interest in Annie’s work this beautiful creature has already sold but a limited edition print is available at:

http://www.whitesailsgallery.com/category/annie-drew- ltd-editions/47

We now have growing list of collectors for Annie’s work so please let us know if you would like to be added to this list. Her next piece is already underway and progress can be seen by following our Facebook and Twitter pages.


For this Spring’s exhibition, White Sails Gallery is excited to introduce to Dartmouth for the very first time, ceramicist and sculptor Faye Mayo.

Faye has been producing ceramics professionally for over 20 years and her childhood memories of the South West regularly draw her back to spend several weeks of each year in Devon & Cornwall.

Faye’s work has a delicacy and windblown feel, in vibrant blues, golds and terracottas that conjure up an enchantment with sand and sea. Faye explains that “the imprints on the exteriors of my work are a way of leaving a memory. Some: delicate imprints of nature, others: harsh marks - all referring to life’s experiences. And yet my purpose is to draw the focus to the interior of each piece, where refreshing tones imply flowing water, renewal, cleansing and liberation.”

We are delighted that Faye has agreed to mount her first ever Devon show here at White Sails. Her work is truly exquisite - elegant and beautiful but full of meaning. And her vibrant colours will perfectly compliment the gallery setting.

In addition to Faye’s ceramics several of White Sails most popular artists, including David Chambers, Diane McGuinness, Stephen Gedney and Lynda Walker, have all been invited to produce a series of new paintings inspired by Faye’s work, that will be launched at the exhibition and displayed alongside her sculptures throughout the festival. We hope you will all have a chance to come and take a look.

Exhibition runs until June 10th

Annie Drew’s Latest Original Oil – Rutting Stag

Following on from the successful autumn launch and sale of Annie Drew’s last painting White Sails is excited to announce Annie’s new painting “Rutting Stag“ which is being exhibited at the gallery along with the simultaneous release of a Ltd Edition print.

On the subject of this work Annie says, “I particularly wanted to paint a stag in the rut. So often you see them staring out across the landscape all serene and still, but when they are rutting there is so much more movement and intensity. It was really difficult to capture and has taken several months to achieve, but I think the composition and the detail make for a really arresting result.“

The last 12 months has seen an unprecedented interest in Annie’s work, with releases such as The Sly Fox, Gorilla, The Eagle and Lioness, and her reputation as an exceptional painter of photo-realistic wildlife portraits has taken huge strides in 2015.

Over 50 collectors of Annie’s work have now requested news of the new arrival and we do not expect the original to be available for long. It has been priced at £7995 with an accompanying edition of 195 prints worldwide. We very much hope everyone will have a chance to visit White Sails in the near future see the work for themselves.

For more information on Annie or any of her work please visit the following pages:

http://www.whitesailsgallery.com/category/annie-drew-originals/63 for originals and
http://www.whitesailsgallery.com/category/annie-drew-ltd-editions/47 for her prints.